Services are provided by insured and highly qualified, fully supervised Registered Clinical Counsellors, Registered Social Workers with Masters Degrees,  interns from accredited Masters of Counselling Psychology or Masters of Social Work programs and free services are provided by counselling interns in Diploma programs.

Fees: We operate on a ‘pay what you can’ model. If you can only pay a nominal amount then that’s fine, we will not turn you away. Our services are intended primarily for those who cannot afford the typical private therapy rates.

Where possible, we will work with clients to access funding to cover counselling – this may include exploring coverage through their health plan, an employee assistance program or other avenues. If coverage is available, it is expected that it is accessed prior to any ‘pay what you can’ service.

If you would like to work with a Registered Clinical Counsellor, minimum fees apply.

Current Fees:

Services without waits with  Clinical Counsellors or Social Workers with Masters Degree for $38 per INDIVIDUAL session. COUPLES and FAMILY services with Clinical Counsellors or Social Workers with Masters Degrees are $53 per session. Note: if you have coverage (insurance, crime victim assistance, etc.) then this coverage will be accessed at regular rates before the $38 / $53 per hour sessions are accessed.

We have services with Masters Level Clinical Counsellors for $20 with about a 1-2 weeks’ wait. Typically these counsellors are new graduates or have completed all courses to graduate, but have yet to become registered. Couples / Family Counselling with Masters Level Counsellors are $35.

NOTE: the benefit of accessing counselling services with our private clinical counsellors is services can potentially be long-term. With Interns, the services are typically shorter-term given they will eventually graduate and likely move on to paid opportunities (however, a client can complete services with one Intern, and transition to another Intern, if they desire).

NOTE: Any client missing an appointment without at least 24-hours notice may be charged a missed appointment fee. 

Moving Forward Family Services is not funded; our higher fee services go directly to the private counsellors (we serve as a referral source, the services are delivered by private counsellors, not Moving Forward Family Services) while the lower fee services go back to Moving Forward and allow us to cover operating costs.

 Please text or call 778-321-3054 or email counsellor@movingforwardfamilyservices.com and advise which option you prefer. If emailing (preferred) please fill out the following pre-intake form:

While services are low barrier, and we recognize unforeseen events can happen, we ask that you attend appointments as arranged or provide a minimum of 24 hours notice for cancellations (missed appointment fees may apply otherwise. Multiple missed appointments may result in cancellation of services). Such policies ensure that those needing services continue to be seen in a timely fashion. We also reserve to right to refuse services to anyone deemed to have acted inappropriately towards counsellors, social workers, volunteers or management.