Internship Opportunities

“Our visions of what may be accomplished together create opportunities for us to become members of communities ” (Enos & Morton).


  • Interns are team members and equals
  • They contribute to providing services in a creative and innovative way
  • Our interns and volunteers get hired! Our interns and volunteers have found work with Ministries, Health Authorities, schools and other non-profit agencies.
  • A diverse range of experiences make team members highly sought after
  • Flexible  non-traditional hours and a variety of activities

 Goals of Supervision to develop :

  • An integrated sense of therapeutic and/or social work process.
  • Specific skills and knowledge working with diverse clients.
  •  Principles of best professional practice.
  • A positive and professional working relationship with agencies, employers, in-house-supervisors, peers and colleague.
  • Community-based research skills
  • Professional confidence and an enhanced ability to act autonomously in their working context.
  •  Alternative  understanding and intervention with client issues.
  •  Past and present experiences of therapeutic work and find ways to develop unique therapeutic styles.
  • An open, comfortable, communicative, expressive  and supportive team working relationships
  • A Process of mutual learning process



Commitment to Service Learning

We are fully committed to the principles/values of service learning. A service learning
program provides educational experiences:

a. Under which students learn and develop through active participation in thoughtfully organized service experiences that meet community needs and coordinate with school and communities
b. That are integrated into the students’ academic curriculum or provide structured time for a student to think, talk, or write about what the student’s service activity experience
c. That provide a student with opportunities to use newly-acquired skills and knowledge in real-life situations in the own communities; and,
d. Which enhance what is taught in school, by extending student learning beyond the classroom and into the community, helping to foster the development in a sense of caring for others (The Commission on National and Community Service, 1993, p. 15).

Intern Suitability FAQ

The following questions will help determine if you are a good fit at Moving Forward Family Services. The purpose of these questions are to ensure not just that you are a good fit with us, but that we are a good fit for you.

  • Do you believe in holistic well-being?
    • Counselling and support is just one aspect of a person’s life; Clients are given information on other resources related to well-being, such as:
      • support groups, educational programs, employment training, additional health supports (yoga, diet, recreational programs), etc.
    • The therapeutic process is just one aspect of the client’s well-being and should not be over-emphasized over others.
    • Part of holistic well-being is the willingness to work not just with individuals, but where appropriate, other members of that person’s familial and friendship network.
    • We believe that individualizing people rather than strengthening their connections to their communities is one reason so much suffering exists.
  • Are you a social justice advocate?
    • Systems  which individualize people are a cause of much unnecessary suffering.
    • Our systems need to better collaborate with each other in order to meet the needs of our mutual clients.
    • As practitioners concerned with social justice issues, we must  speak out about such issues of injustice
    • Actions speak louder than words; we are committed to collaborating within and across our sector to show that it is not only possible but necessary to create partnerships
    • Our vision of social advocacy includes:
      • representing client needs in committees,writing articles in newspapers and magazines, appearing on television and radio (for those comfortable enough to do so) and engaging in emancipatory and empowering community-based research.
  • Are you OK with unpredictability?
    • We pride ourselves in saying ‘yes’ to any initiatives that can benefit vulnerable clients.We undertake new projects/programs as our team members maybe working at multiple sites.
    • Any new program or new relationship with a community partner often comes with uncertainty. Those who can handle such uncertainty, and remain calm in the face of change will do well with us.
  • Are you flexible?
    • We are a grassroots agency. We choose to keep costs minimal as by doing so allows for a greater focus on resources which aid in direct client services.
      • By working in spaces provided to us free by community partners.
      • While we have stable spaces in a building to see clients, there may be times a counsellor/social worker may need to see their clients in different rooms within that building.
      • All of our team members are expected to be flexible in regards to the use of space.
      • We undertake many of the administrative duties that may be handled by an administrative assistant in some agencies.
        • Interns will contact clients and arrange appointments themselves, and if clients need to change an appointment, they would do so through the main telephone lines.

Weare open to being a secondary site (if allowed by the post-secondary institution). This may appeal to interns who want to gain as diverse an experience in their internship as possible.


Our staff to provide supervision in:

  • social work, clinical social work, psychology, sociology, community psychology, and counselling psychology.

If you are interested in exploring an internship at Moving Forward Family Services Society, please contact us at