Mission and Purpose

Our Mission and purpose at Moving Forward Family Services is to provide affordable services in a safe and ethical environment with a client-centered, anti racist, anti oppression, approach. We aim to support those who cannot afford private therapy rates – thus proof of income may be required to access our services.

Vision and Goals

Our vision and goals at Moving Forward Family Services Society are to bridge the gaps in services by eliminating counselling wait lists, deconstructing barriers in accessing affordable counselling and developing strong relationships within the community.

We provide accessible and affordable counselling; there is no ‘eligibility’ criteria – if you want counselling, we will provide it. The low cost counselling has no waits; free counselling services have up to an 8-week wait. Anyone requesting low cost or free services may be asked to provide proof of income to continue accessing such services.

We believe it’s not how much funding there is, but  how it is spent. Returning  to the roots of non-profits–community-driven, and community funded–is  a viable alternative to  sole reliance on government funding.  Thus we turn to the community to support our programs through donations and/or through low cost services.

While policies, procedures and hierarchies can be beneficial, they are often counter-productive. They can prevent good things from happening, and can hurt communities. Certain policies and procedures are a product of a time and place and do not always make sense in today’s world, yet they are still in effect.  Too often organizations continue to abide by policies and procedures long after they have stopped making sense.


The Practice

The 9 to 5, weekday approach: does not work for everyone. A: Inflexibility of providers contributes to the ineffectiveness of services. Moving Forward wants to be there for you and when you need support.

We don’t believe that seniority trumps skills. We are a collaborative of like-minded helping professionals.

We don’t believe in titles and labels; we just want to provide good services to the community through ease and timeliness. Such arrogance within agencies hurts the communities we are supposed to be serving. We also are against ‘territorial’ thinking.  Sadly, there exits in some instances an unwillingness to work together simply because an agency has a competitive advantage, and doesn’t want to share that advantage with anyone else. Part of this problem is a system that pits agencies against each other, letting their own needs trump the needs of these communities. We value partnerships and collaborations – because that benefits clients.

Services are provided by insured and highly qualified, fully supervised Registered Clinical Counsellors, Registered Social Workers with Masters Degrees, and interns from accredited Masters of Counselling Psychology or Masters of Social Work programs.

Contact us to arrange an appointment:  778-321-3054 NOTE: Low cost and free services are only offered at our Surrey and Vancouver sites. Requests for free services requires proof of no/low income